Specify the window style in the command-line

One handy feature which was released with Octory 2.0.0 is the possibility to specify the value to use for the WindowOnScreen key in the command-line when launching the app. Doing so, the value in the Plist configuration file will be ignored. This is useful if you want to use another window configuration without having to modify the configuration file.

Command line

To do so, simply launch the app with the -w | --window option, and the name of the OnScreen value you want to use: "Simple", "BlurredBackground", "FullScreen" or "MenuBar". For example to launch the app with the "BlurredBackground" value:

open Octory.app --args -w BlurredBackground
Another example to launch the app with the "Simple" value:
path/to/Octory.app/Contents/MacOS/Octory --window Simple

Quick configuration file change

In case you want the change to be permanent, here are two possibilities with the command-line (two tips in one oh my 🤩).


/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :Window:OnScreen MenuBar" Octory.plist


scout set "Window.OnScreen=MenuBar" -m Octory.plist

Go further

In the tutorial An Octory Pro tour, learn more about moving the application to the menu bar after the onboarding process.