You can find a script to build the Octory package to deploy in the materials repository. Use the scripts and other files they contain, like LaunchAgents, to deploy Octory through a MDM.


In the tutorial Deploying Octory, you can learn how to deploy the application.


Octory website downloads page contains a Helper: a program to be handled with a LaunchDaemon and which will execute specific actions with root rights for Octory.
Only Octory or other applications signed with the same certificate as the Helper can ask it to execute those actions, which ensures security.
Meanwhile, as the application can only read configuration files in the read only folders /Library/Application Support/Octory or /Library/Managed Preferences, the files are securely uneditable unless with root privileges.

You can download the Helper and the materials to install it and run from our website. After having installed Octory, run the script HelperInstall/ This script will install the helper in the /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools folder then load the daemon com.amaris.octory.helper.plist.